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   Cornelius Henry "CH" RUBY

Birth: 13 Jan 1856 Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY
Death: 9 Feb 1945 in Cameron, TX
Father:  Judge Asa Sam "Acey" RUBY
Mother:  Hannah I. MARTIN
Spouse: Martha Lenora "Nora" WHITES
Marriage: 5 Nov 1884 in Cameron, TX
Occupation: Operated a rooming house/ hotel in Cameron, TX


Martin Silas RUBY
Lorena RUBY
Aileen RUBY
Infant RUBY

From Book - "Early Milam County"--by Mary Belle Batte

(page 32 - under " From 1870 to 1900).

Mr. C.H. Ruby, who was about seven feet tall, has been dead a number of Yrs., but was a very memorable character in Cameron - came from Kentucky to Port Sullivan in 1878, when he was 18 Yrs. old, and lived there with his Father, Asa Ruby, and other members of his Family until 1880.

Mr. Ruby related :

" When I first came to Port Sullivan, it had a population of about 500 people. The college, which had been built in the 1180's was a two Story Bldg, and had a two story dormitory and about 5 teachers. This College was abandoned about 1878, and turned into a High School (Academy)--and later into a Church. There was only one Store in Port Sullivan at this time. The Easterwood Bros. carried Drugs & Groceries & Dry Goods. H.B. Easterwood was one of the best friends I ever had. He gave me a job at the store at $25.00 a month.

One day, when I was working at the Store, a bunch of Cowboys came into the village --with three or four hundred head of
cattle. The River was up, and they had to swim across. While waiting, they came into the Store for Drinks & Eats. They had their
guns on, and I felt cold chills running up & down my back My friend, H.B. Easterwood beckoned to me to come to him and said--
You wait on them, and if they start anything , I'll get one of them. They drank a good deal, but didn't start any bad shooting.
They left the store & went out on the Prairie and started shooting. H.B. said "Let's close up, and I said "Good"--and that was the
last we saw of that wild bunch.

I remember one Sunday Morning,we all went to Church. We were sitting there, waiting for the Preacher, when he came in, and took a seat in the back of the Bldg. In a few minutes, he walked up to the Pulpit--he looked pretty tough to me. With a rough coarse voice he said "sing something". Miss Lula Streetman started a song. The Preacher's name was Rev. J.W. Walkup, of Cam-
eron--he was also a Dentist."