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Judge Asa Sam "Acey" RUBY was born in 1833 in Paducah, Henderson Co, KY. He appeared in the census in 1860 in Daviess Co, KY.

1860 Daviess Co, KY Census
A.S. Ruby 28 yrs (1832) farmer KY
Hanna Ruby 25 yrs housewife KY
C.H. Ruby 3yrs son KY
Jas. T. Leath (or Little) 48yrs
Agnes Leath (or Little) 48yrs
Ruth A. Leath (or Little) 13yrs
Thos. A. Leath (or Little) 20yrs
Jas. M. Leath (or Little) 14yrs

C.A.Ruby 25yrs farmer Ky
Elizabeth Ruby 21yrs KY
J.M. Ruby 9mos KY
Nathan Ruby 68yrs
Ginny A. Leath (or Little) 9yrs He appeared in the census in 1870 in Daviess Co, KY

1870 Daviess Co, KY Census
107-107 page 16
Asa A. Ruby 38yrs farmer KY
Malinda Ruby 21yrs KY
Cornelius H. Ruby 13yrs KY
Remus Ruby 9yrs KY
Darcus J. Ruby 2yrs KY
John D. Ruby 4mos KY

Jas. R. Ruby 50yrs KY
Rachill Ruby 34yrs KY
Goves Ruby (son) 16yrs
Harris Ruby 15yrs
Morgan Ruby 12yrs
John Ruby 5yrs
Harry A. Ruby 1yr

2nd Ward Owensboro, KY
Jas. G. Ruby 45yrs farmer KY
Martha A. Ruby 43yrs KY
Martha F. Ruby 18yrs KY
He appeared in the census in 1900 in Milam Co, TX.

1900 Milam Co, TX Census
Asa S. Ruby 67yrs KY
Malinda Ruby 53yrs KY
David J. Ruby (son) 30yrs KY
Minnie Ruby (wife of David) 28yrs AL
Maggie Ruby (granddaughter) 6yrs TX
Pearl Ruby (grand daughter) 4yrs TX
J.D. Jr (grandson) 1yr
J.W. Caton (soninlaw) 36 TX
Edna A. Ruby Caton 22yrs
Linnie Caton 7mos
Willie Wilkerson (dau of Dorcas) 13yrs TX
Claude Kneff(Krebb?) 13

He signed a will on 15 Apr 1912.

Will of Asa S. Ruby:
1. That my body receive a decent burial.
2. That all my just debts be paid before any division of property.
3. I appoint my son, John David Ruby, as the executor of my estate.
4. I bequeath to my son, John David Ruby, all the land I own on the west side of the Gulf Colo., Sante Fe Railroad, about 90 acres (3 miles north of Milano, TX). The reason, John David is given more is because he cared for me in his home and paid the taxes on all of my land.
Only the one hundred acres thast lie north of the G.C. & Sante Fe Railroad is to be divided equally among my children.
To wit;
John David Ruby one share - Henry Ruby one share - the heirs of Dorcas Jane Wilkerson, one share - George E. Ruby one share - Narcissa Orman (wife of Tom Orman) one share.

Settled in Feb. term of Milam Co, TX court in 1915 He died on 8 Jan 1915 in Milano, TX.

Obituary From Cameron Herald on 14 Jan 1915

 Judge A.S. Ruby passed away Friday, Jan 8 1915, at the home of his son, David Ruby, of Milano, TX & was buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Cameron on Sat afternoon at the honorable old age of 82 years.
He was born in Paducah, KY but has been a citizen of Milam Co. for over 40 years. During this time he has held various positions of public trust and was county commisioner when the present courthouse was built (1895). He was a man of honored ideals and his life was a long record of Christian ideals and service. Mr. Ruby was a member of the Methodist church.
He is survivied by four children, all adults, 46 grandchildren and three great great grandchildren. His sons are C.H. Ruby of Cameron, Dave Ruby of Milano, TX, George Ruby of Wichita Falls and he had one daughter, Mrs. Tom Orman of Temple. He was buried in Oak Hill Cemetary, Cameron (Ad Hall), TX. He was a Farmer. Parents: Matthew R. RUBY and Esther HUGHES.

Spouse: Malinda E. GOODWIN. Judge Asa Sam "Acey" RUBY and Malinda E. GOODWIN signed a marriage contract on 15 Dec 1864 in Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY. They were married on 20 Dec 1864 in Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY.

Children were: John David Sr RUBY, Dorcas RUBY.

Spouse: Hannah I. MARTIN. Judge Asa Sam "Acey" RUBY and Hannah I. MARTIN were married on 28 Feb 1856 in Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY. They signed a marriage contract on 28 Feb 1856 in Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY. Children were: Cornelius Henry "C.H." RUBY, Remus RUBY.