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James L. Early

Birth: Aug 1858
Spouse: Martha E. Hoskins
Marriage: 13 July 1880 in Daviess Co, KY
Occupation: Carpenter



Humphrey Marshall Early
John Thomas Early
Clarence Wesley Early
Rosetta "Rosie" Early

Petition in Equity
Daviess Circuit Court

Plantiff M.E. Early,
Defendant James L. Early

The plaintiff M. E. Early says that she and the defendant James L. Early were lawfully married in the County of Daviess State of Kentucky on the 7th day July 1879, that they lived and cohabited together as husband and wife until the 4th day of April, 1888 when the defendant without fault on the part of the plaintiff abandoned her since which time they have not lived or cohabited together.
She says that there was borne to her during the marriage with the defendant four children Rosetta Early, John T. Early, Marshal Early, Clarance Early, the oldest of said children is 9 years, and the youngest three years old, she has the custody and control of said children at present, since the defendants abandonment of her he has not provided either in whole or in part for the support and maintainance of herself and children.
She says the defendant is not a proper person to have the custody or control of said children, that he is a man of bad moral character and she asks that the care and custody of said children be awarded to her.
Sha says she is a resident of the state of Kentucky and now lives and resides and has all her life lived and resided in Daviess County Kentucky.
She says that the defendant after the date of his abandonment of her departed from the state of Kentucky, that he is now a non resident of this state, but the plaintiff does not know in what state the defendant resides nor his post office address nor the name of the post office nearest to where he resides.
Wherefore she prays for a judgement divorcing her the defendant, that she be awarded the care and custody of the infant children herein named and she prays for a warning order against the defendant and for all proper relief.

Sweeney, Ellis & Sweeney, Attorneys.

M. E. Eawly says she believes the foregoing statements are true.
(signed M E Early)

Sworn to before me by M. E. Early this 28th day of September, 1890.
(signed Dave A. Bu????, JP)