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Antics At The Jones' House

One evening Jack went to sleep on the couch in the living room so his daughter, Amanda, and her friend, Patsy Bivins, decided it would be fun to paint his fingernails and toenails with red polish. Having accomplished this feat, without waking Mr. Jones, they then decided that for an added touch they would paint red circles around his nipples. They then went to bed assuming that Jack would wake up the next morning and discover their artwork.

Early the next morning a co-worker, Tom Lee, arrived at the Jones' house for a visit and knocked on the front door. It was answered by none other than Jack, still half asleep and painted like a jezebel. The resulting remarks cannot be printed here.

Jack and Ora worked the day shift, which started promptly at 6AM, for Cleveland Mills. After they went to bed, Amanda would switch their false teeth, mixing Jack's uppers with Ora's lowers, or vice versa. This always resulted with a few choice words for the teeth and the perpetrators.